At USA Karate in Somerset we don’t just teach kicking, punching and Martial Arts for self-defense. Our main focuses are; character development, academic responsibility and self-discipline. Our large staff of instructors at USA Karate works with the students to build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, respect and discipline along with a traditional Karate curriculum. USA Karate starts accepting students as early as 4 years old for our Lil’ Dragon program, 6 and up for our traditional Martial Arts classes as well as Kenpo/Kempo/Jiujitsu Karate for adults men and women of all ages. Our schedule includes over 25 Martial Art classes weekly for your training needs, which makes getting to class easy. We have family discounts, monthly programs and long term training options available that make it affordable for the whole family to train.

At USA Karate we only allow Black Belts to enter our instructor-training programs giving you the best in martial arts training. That means that you’ll never have students teaching students. We believe that it’s important to attain a certain level of skill before you try and teach Martial Arts. USA Karate instructors are CPR and First-Aid certified, and have devoted themselves to constant and never-ending improvement of their art and their students.

Visit us at our new and improved location, 1553 Brayton Point Road in Somerset, and see the difference we can make in your child and in yourself. The first step is the hardest but once you start you’ll never want to stop. Call now 508-677-1423 and start your journey today.

USA Karate was established in Somerset in 1990