Message from Sifu Bill Chun Jr. Regarding “Hansuki”

To whom it may concern:


I pray and hope that this letter/e-mail/text, finds all of you in the best of mind and body? And, may the FOL-EH and CF be within all of you!


Years and decades have gone by and there have been sad and desperate acts and confusion of the representation of the Form Hansuki. The Organizations or any other said schools, dojos, clubs or other names that are being used to clarify that you are the person designated to as being qualified on the subject of the original Form Hansuki? Or, to make it clear and not taking away the said version of your own concept which in no means has the reflections or version of this fine form that Chow DID NOT CREATE IT and that’s why I’m on the path to have the true Chow/Chun methods of the fine art form Hansuki that was developed by Chun, Sr.


You can explain how and what you did to deserve this duty, but you have to understand…I’m here to PROTECT AND DEFEND this true art we call Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo and with all concerns and, if you read my upcoming book, remember, it’s the FOL-EH-CF! It’s wonderful to SHARE this wonderful gift from Chow – my instructor, Chun, Sr.- my teacher.  And if your results of what you might think are correct, then through the Empty/Open Hand it will be and considered second and or even third hand on the art style that you have NO concept about. And, for the Chinese Fist, I do not recognize nor will endorse this ‘false’ Art that’s being called the Hansuki. And please do not use the old saying…” I’m trying to show respect and honor my instructor and teacher “! Master/Sifu Chun, Jr.